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Why Ceramic Knives ?  
Steel knives are made of variations of stainless steel but all have the same thing in common, they dull quickly making them inefficient and quite frankly, dangerous.   They dull by developing burrs on the blade.  Frequent sharpening is needed for them to keep their edge.  Lesser quality metal knives lose their finish quickly too.  
High quality ceramic knives are made of zirconia; it is an extremely hard material that rates 8.5 to 10 on Moh’s scale of hardness.  The highest quality metal knives rate 6 to 7.  Ceramic knives keep their razor sharp edge because the blade will micro-chip over time  leaving plenty of sharp blade behind, they will not burr.  
High quality ceramic knives are so sharp, you cannot use them on a glass cutting surface or regular plates as they will cut glass.  Ceramic knives are almost as hard as diamonds.  If you try to use a standard sharpener or a chef’s steel, the knife  will damage them!  
Ceramic knives, like their metal cousins come in various qualities.  Our Precision Ceramic Knives are made of 94.5% Pure zirconia.  We design our knives to be very durable but please remember you cannot pry or cut into very hard surfaces like hard bone or frozen foods.  Our knives are so tuff you can split a lobster with our 7” Chef’s knife.  Our knives are designed with more material on the top spine for additional durability and will withstand a drop of 15 feet !   We have also designed safety features like a dulled heel to prevent you from accidently cutting yourself.  We also put our knives through an additional manual sharpening process; even our largest knife can cut a potato thin enough for chips or tomatoes so thin you can see through them.  
Unlike the popular knife you see on infomercials, our knives are designed by chefs for the ultimate in comfort and utility.  Out handles are made of a rubberized ABS material for additional comfort and ease of use.  
A bit more about zirconia.  It is a bio-neutral material, it leaves nothing on your food like a metal knife will.  You can cut a head of lettuce with a metal knife and the metal ions will start to turn the lettuce brown, this will not happen with a ceramic knife.  
We are so confident in the quality of our Precision Ceramics knives we warrant them for life.  If they ever get dull, just send them back and we will sharpen them free for life!  We are confident ours are the best on the market !   Our ceramic knives are a must for health conscious chefs, vegans and raw foods enthusiasts.

Chef Jay Berman
Seaside Knife Company